Dive Spots Phuket

Dive sites in Phuket at day trips and dive safaris

The map shows the dive spots Phuket on day trips and dive safaris to Koh Phi Phi, Koh Hah, Hin Daeng, Similan, Koh Tachai, Koh Bon and Richelieu Rock  The dive spots in Phuket are marked in red – The dive spots towards Koh Phi Phi, Koh Hah, Hin Daeng are marked in yellow – The dive sites of Similan, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai, Richelieu Roch are highlighted in blue
map of dive spots phuket - phi phi - similan

Dive Spots Phuket

Description of the Phuket dive sites during the daytrips
For day trips the journey time to the dive sites is between one and two hours. The dive sites in Phuket will be visited according to the weather conditions and the wishes of the divers. You will be picked up at your accommodation and taken to the harbour in Chalong. Where the Poseidon is waiting to set sail with you.

leopard shark and diver at shark point - dive spots phuket

Dive Spots Phuket – Shark Point

There are three reefs close to each other. These are among the most popular dive sites in Phuket. Each of them is a highlight for spoiled divers. These reefs are incredibly densely populated with vibrating life. Hard and soft corals as well as big fan corals are abundant, lots of fish fry, all kinds of coral fish, pelagic fish which visits the reefs to feed like big mackerels, tunas, barracudas etc.. In the sand sleep leopard sharks and sometimes huge angel sharks. Three independent dive sites, diving depth 15 – 23 m, visibility between 15 and 25 m, boat trip about two hours.

sepia mating at dive site anemonee reef
large moray eel at dive spot phuket shark point
guitar shark at dive sites phuket - shark point

Dive Spots Phuket – Anemone Reef

The anemone reef is a coral-covered rock cone that rises from 23 m depth to 3 m below the water surface. The first few meters of the rock are completely overgrown with anemones. Hence the name. An ideal dive site for “lazy” divers who do not like to move far. You can start at the bottom of the reef and move upwards in a spiral. After a few rounds you reach the top of the reef where the boat is anchored. The fish and coral population is like at the three dive spots of Shark Point which are only a short distance away. Thanks to the anemone reef the divers have another dive spot in Phuket – the King Cruiser wreck – described further down.

seahorse at dive spots phuket - anemonee reef
whitemouth moray eel at dive place in phuket
whipcoral crab at anemonee reef in phuket
meet leopard sharks at dive sites in phuket
turtle at koh dork mai - famos dive spot in phuket

Dive Spots Phuket – Koh Dork May

This island with its 60m high limestone cliffs offers a spectacular view. Underwater, the cliff on the east side of Dork Mai continues to a depth of 25-30m. It is covered with rock oysters, hard and soft corals, anemones and large gorgons. Two easy to dive caves in this wall invite you to visit them. In one of them you can rise into an air-filled chamber 8 m below the water surface. The western part of Dork corn consists of overhanging walls at both ends and a 45° slope with huge boulders in front in the middle. Many shoals of fish, many hunting pelagic fish and occasional leopard sharks amaze the diver. Countless nudibranchs and crabs and shrimps attract the macro photographer. Dive sites good for three different dives, depths between 15 and 35 m, visibility 15 – 25 m, boat trip 1 hour.

white eye moray eels at koh dork mai - dive site in phuket
young shark at dive spots in phuket
sepia at dive spot koh dork mai

Dive sites Phuket – Wreck King Cruiser

A former car ferry, which was converted into a touring ship and used for a few years for day trips after Phi Phi. She sank in 1997 when she hit the anemone reef in an attempted insurance scam. One of the two hulls tore open and the huge catamaran drove 500 m further before it sank. Fortunately without loss of life. The 85m long wreck rests upright on its two wedges at a depth of 30m. The upper superstructures are only 1 6m deep. The wreck has enormous structures and offers protection for huge shoals of barracudas, mackerels, snappers and many more. And a wonderful vegetation of soft corals in all colours. Dive depth 15-30 m, visibility 12-25 m, travel time 2 hours.

dive spots phuket - king cruiser wreck
diver in the wreck of king cruiser
in the wreck of the king cruiser
wreck king cruser - famos dive site in phuket
ship wreck with batfish schaol - famos dive spot in phuket

Dive Spots Phuket – Raja Jai

This island with its high mountain and beautiful beaches lies south of Phuket. The sheltered bays and gentle underwater slopes offer ideal conditions for beginners and newcomers to dive in peace. Colourful corals and all kinds of tropical fish inspire the diving enthusiast. The island is also known for its many blue spotted sting rays and manta hrimps of pray. Raja Jai offers sheltered bays and comfortable drift dives along the island’s slopes. Five smaller wrecks with interesting inhabitants extend the offer of these dive sites. Seven dive sites with maximum depths between 15 – 30m, visibility around 25m, one to one and a half hour boat trip.

turtle at dive sites in phuket
hermit crab
yellow head moray eel at raja jai

Dive sites Phuket – Koh Raja Noi

Raja Jai’s little sister is Raja Noi, the southernmost island around Phuket. Due to the long distance from the mainland and the great depths of the surrounding water, visibility at the dive sites is usually exceptionally good. The currents bring nutrient-rich deep water and a landscape with diverse hard and soft corals has formed. Turtles, big fish such as groupers, tunas, sharks, barracudas and mantas are regularly seen in Raja Noi. The island offers sheltered bays, safe drift dives along the island’s slopes and some sites with strong currents and greater depths for experienced divers. Ideal for wide-angle photography. The island is uninhabited and overgrown with jungle. Eight dive spots, depths 20 – 40 m, visibility 25 – 40 m, boat trip 2 hours.

two manta rays at famos dive spots in phuket
nudibranch at dive site in phuket
orca at dive spot raja noi in phuket
nautilus at dive spot raja noi in phuket