Dive trips to Indonesia

Organized Dive Trips to the best Dive Destinations in Indonesia

With over 17,000 islands, Indonesia is the largest island nation in the world. The area stretches along the equator for over five thousand kilometres from Sumatra in the west to Irian Jaya (West Papua) in the east.

This maze of islands and islets is home to over fifteen per cent of all the world’s coral reefs. A large part lies in the coral triangle. The area with the highest biodiversity under water. And to the most beautiful dive destinations there our dive trips to Indonesia go. Klaus Orlik organizes these every year to alternating destinations. He worked for the UNO in Indonesia in 1987. Through his frequent visits to the most remote areas of Indonesia he became an excellent connoisseur of the country. And since twenty years he organizes small groups to the most beautiful dive sites there.

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Dive trips to Indonesia

link to dive trips to indonesia

The link above gives you an overview of the dive trips we offer to Indonesia. These usually take place in April and May.

For groups of five or more divers we can also arrange a dive trip to Indonesia at other times.

Die unteren Links zu den Tauchreisen in Indonesien führen Dich direkt zur jeweiligen Reise nach Raja Ampat, Bali, Komodo oder Maumere

link to dive trips raja ampat
link to dive trips bali
link to dive trips komodo
link to dive trips to maumere

Dive trips to Indonesia

The destinations of our dive trips to Indonesia are very different scenically above and under water. Also the locals are sometimes very different. Both as far as their religion is concerned. As well as appearance, customs and habits, culture and living. They are all interesting. In principle, the locals are friendly and helpful at all dive destinations. Often a little shy if it is an area with little tourism. But always pleasant. The climate is tropic. Mostly humid. But in areas like Komodo and Flores it can also be hot and dry. The water temperatures are mostly between 26 and 30° Celsius. In some places they can also drop to 23 to 24 °. Before diving to Indonesia, find out about the local conditions.

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Our dive trips to Indonesia are organized and personally led by Klaus Orlik. The groups are small and clearly arranged. Experienced divers can dive according to their own wishes within the safety rules. Beginners and less experienced divers are well cared for. Great value is placed on camaraderie and cohesion during these dive trips to Indonesia.

Since our dive trips to Indonesia often lead to very remote areas, one cannot always insist on the literal sequence of the program. Sometimes you have to improvise. But so far Klaus has always found a solution for problems.

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