Dive Safari Phi Phi  – Koh Hah

To the most beautiful dive sites of South Thailand with the dive safari Phi Phi – Koh Hah

On a dive safari Phi Phi and Koh Hah you will visit the most beautiful dive sites in South Thailand. Fascinating dives and a spectacular landscape over water will inspire you.
manta ray at dive safari phi phi

Dive safari Phi Phi – Koh Hah

The highlight of your diving holiday could be a dive safari to the famous Phi Phi Islands lasting several days. On the first day we dive on the way to and in Koh Phi Phi. There we lodge, have dinner together and spend the night in a cosy resort. The second day leads us to the five uninhabited islands of Koh Hah. Or Hin Daeng and Hin Muang – two reefs that lie far out in the open sea. After the last dive we go back to Phi Phi islands. On the last day of the safari we dive there again. And after the last dive return to Phuket. The Phi Phi dive safari can be booked at any time on request.

Koh Phi Phi

became famous through the movie “The Beach”. It was chosen for its overwhelming beautiful landscape. The archipelago consists of four mountainous limestone islands with breathtaking scenery. Huge bays with snow-white sandy beaches and palm trees complete the panorama. Divers can enjoy coral landscapes, schools of fish, sharks, groupers and much more. Just in front of the swallow’s nest cave lies a 45-meter-long wreck. This is home to so many fish that often you only see it when you have worked your way through the mass of fish. Without a doubt a highlight of the Phi Phi dive safari.

turtle at dive safari phi phi
islands of koh hah

Koh Hah and Hin Daeng

are located far from the mainland and provide refuge for many pelagic fish away from civilization. The corals there are bigger, healthier and more colourful than elsewhere. And virtually untouched. Entire walls and floors are covered by soft corals that glow in all colours. In Thai Hin Daeng means “red reef” and Hin Muang “purple reef” have their names. In Koh Hah a huge cave awaits you where you can surface. And huge groupers in large groups, turtles and barracudas. Often also pelagic fish like manta rays, horsehead mackerels and occasionally a whale shark. The dive safari Phi Phi brings you to the best dive spots in South Thailand.

Price dive safari Phuket – Phi Phi

  • Diver                                15.800  THB
  • Npn Diver                        10.700 THB
  • Surcharge singel room    2.000 THB
  • Surcharge Deluxe room  6.000 THB

All rooms on the Phi Phi dive safari have air conditioning, hot water and WiFi. What´s included: Dives, accommodation, breakfast, lunch, coffee, tea, drinking water, towel and the Phi Phi National Park fees

diver and leopard shark at dive safari phi phi

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