Your hosts in Phuket

The Poseidon Crew take care of you

Your hosts in Phuket – the local crew as well as Stefan and Klaus guarantee you an eventful holiday. Under and above water. Poseidon was founded in 1972 as the first dive center in southern Thailand.

stefan and klaus - your hosts in phuket

Klaus Orlik leads the Poseidon crew. He is known worldwide for his professionalism and expertise and looks back on over 50 years of professional experience. During this time, he has dived almost daily, looked after his guests and organized their holidays. He personally manages all the activities at the dive center and provided helpful support to new divers. Experienced divers benefit from his knowledge of the dive grounds, the underwater world and their inhabitants. As he has lived in Thailand for more than 40

lyears, he speaks the local language, knows the customs and habits of the locals, and can give his guests some insight into the Thai way of thinking and living. Together with the instructors, dive guides and the local boat crew, he ensures that your holiday and diving in Phuket will be an unforgettable experience.

Stefan Käsweber is the “chief instructor” of the Poseidon crew in Phuket. He takes care of the organization of the dive courses and the daily excursions. He leads the training to PADI standards in small groups. Stefan is careful with regard to safety. And what´s more a cheerful and pleasant dive partner. He is also an excellent cook. He is happy to share the results of his cooking with our guests.

The captain and the boatmen of the Poseidon Crew are friendly and helpful locals. They are experienced and make the on-board life pleasant for the guests.

your hosts in phuket - the poseidon crew

You can be sure that

* you dive with us in a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Unless a whale shark is being spotted!
* We are in no hurry, take a good surface break and have comfortable returns from the dive sites.
* Your dive does not end if someone in the group goes on reserve and you still have over 100 bar in the tank.
* Beginners and experienced divers only dive in the same group on request.
* You can dive alone with your partner if you are qualifyed. If that’s what you want.
* You are already connected to a nice circle of divers from the first day of diving in Phuket.
* As a “Old Hand ” or “Newbie” you will enjoy our special care and attention.

We are happy to help you with any questions and always try to show and explain interesting things to you. This applies to the dives. And also for above water. We have been living in Thailand for a long time and know the customs and traditions well. We will also be happy to advise you on land excursions and anything else that will make your stay here more pleasant.

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